I am very pleased to introduce you to the three fantastic Yoga teachers that will be covering my classes while I am on maternity leave: from 18th October until 17th December


Natalie trained in Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation with world-renowned teachers Ana Forrest and James Reeves. With over 800 hours of training and teaching experience, her sessions are designed to gift her students with skills they can use to heal themselves both on and off the mat. Born with the spinal condition Scoliosis, she is an expert at working with and modifying sessions for injuries or pain

Having learnt to open and strengthen her own body through yoga and stabilise her curvature, as well as increase her body-image confidence, she loves helping her students do the same and experience the magic and peace of mind that only yoga and meditation can bring to someone’s life


Natalie will teach ALL Sunday morning and select Saturday morning classes

Mel first discovered yoga in the late 90's, after health problems affected her parents. Had her parents been more aware & connected to their bodies, she felt that these health issues could have been avoided or managed more effectively. Hence her mission to stay connected in feeling with the mind, body & spirit and guide others to do this too.


Mel qualified as a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher in India in 2006. She later went back to the same ashram in 2009 & immersed herself further in the teachings & received an advanced diploma in the same lineage Swami Satyananda Saraswati Bihar School of Yoga. In 2011 she graduated from the Bikram School of Yoga in LA & in 2013 & 2014 she was blessed to train with Ana Forrest completing the Foundation and Advanced Forrest Yoga TTC's as well as the year long mentorship program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson in 2015.


Mel encourages her students to work hard through teaching in a compassionate way, creating a sense of freedom and a connection to spirit

Mel will teach ALL Wednesday morning classes


Thuli is a Forrest Yoga teacher and a GP. Yoga has been part of her life for 18 years now and sharing its magic with others is her absolute passion. She has practiced many disciplines over this time but with Forrest found her yoga home. Designed for the problems of modern day lifestyles, it is accessible to all, anatomically specific and intelligently sequenced.


As such Forrest Yoga sits perfectly with her work as a doctor, to support people on their journey to physical and psychological wellness

Thuli will teach select Saturday morning classes